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Painting is my passion, that’s true, but sometimes I face an empty white board and wait…

Robert Henri notes that one needs some activity (in my case, that’s painting and collage…sometimes it’s printmaking) to become a habitual mode of expression, in order to stay young at any age. Henri says that artists live living; whereas, many people live dying.

Browsing through Henri’s book, “The Art Spirit”, I find words of encouragement which fill me with the urge to create, a desire to express my thoughts and tell my stories using color, content and shape, papers torn and reshaped, until the desire is spent, the story is told, and life is content. Creativity is a physical thing, very alive and pressing, insisting that something be done, and the artist either goes with it, letting it happen, shaping and mixing and building, or she fights against it, and creates an entirely new thing in spite of herself.

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  1. I know some people like to paint like a hobby and to relax themselves. I don’t. What I do for thinking and relax I read, mainly I read my bible or some other book which move me to think. Naturally I find words of encouragement and wisdom there. If I am tired of reading, I see an action movie or I play a computer game. I receive my best inspiration after midnight. Because I spend two or three hours after midnight sometimes my kids, joking me they tell me that I am a vampire. I enjoy what they say because they are doing now the same.

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