Wonder Woman

Several years ago, when the children were young, a few people referred to me as Wonder Woman. It’s not because I looked like her (the television version of Wonder Woman). Our names were similar (Linda, Lynda), we were about the same age, but that wasn’t the reason either.

Head of Household, and laden with responsibilities, I contrived to spend fun time with my boys.  When the guys wanted to go somewhere, they could be ready in 5 minutes, and they didn’t want to wait around an hour while I spoofed and poofed. Sometimes the house became so quiet that I would swear there was no one home except myself, and I was right! They were waiting in the car…

Being the peacemaker/problem-solver that I am, I realized there had to be a way for us to go out as a family, and keep peace and save face.

I created a quick-change area in my closet with 2 complete sets of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and whatever would be needed for an excursion with the guys. I made a similar set-up in my bathroom: a little bundle with washcloth, toothbrush, hair brush, hair spray, lipstick. Then I practiced. Little by little, I shaved off the minutes, until I could go through the whole schmeil in less than five minutes.

A couple of our friends were there one day when we all decided to have some outdoorsy fun; I excused myself for five minutes, and reappeared in my “instant” casual attire. No leotard and cape could have been more impressive than my jeans, sandals, and Liz top!

That’s why they called me Wonder Woman: I, too, was a quick-change artist.

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