The art of creation, using paint, words, and found objects, adhered to canvas, is the means through which I communicate my beliefs and my understanding of life.

Charred bits of wood perfected by Pacific fires, pigment-laden solutions, torn papers, woven fibers, heart and soul –  these are the materials that evoke and inspire the visual language which I use to articulate the verity of life: pain and joy, sorrow and hope, the intricacies and complexities of humanity.  Working in paint, wax, and found objects, building on a matrix of paper, canvas, or board, I  intersperse a symbolic bit of jaune for light and warmth, and as a sacred reference for hope.

Like other American Expressionists, my work is intensely personal.  However, I feel that others may be able to connect to the visual language that I present and therefore identify with the imagery in their own personal way, reading into the work their own personal stories.

Biographical Sketch: Linda Joyce Renz

Linda Joyce Renz, daydreamer, grew up in central Florida where she wandered and played in the creek that flowed through the family property, sculpting little animals from creek-bed clay.  Fascinated with watercolor, she painted the wildflowers and native grasses growing all around her.  With charred bits of wood from the burn pile she drew upon her imagination. Texture, form and color became the language through which she examined and interpreted life.

Moving to a city far from home in her early adulthood interrupted her dialog with nature, and she began to feed her spirit with art classes at the local community center.  Experiments in the fields of printmaking and collage opened a new path of expression, and in college, she began to pursue and broaden her knowledge of the medium, combining and exploring methods and materials with few restrictions, refining and developing the imagery she uses today.  Her abstract fusions of color and texture convey a life-long passion for and dialog with the nature of her youth.

Linda has a B.A. in Art and English and a Master of Liberal Arts from Houston Baptist University.

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