This is especially good for children, since they experience the immediacy of melting color on their canvas.

You will need a cotton canvas support for your pastel painting. This can be purchased from an art supply store, or simply cut one from an old cotton shirt. 8″x10″ is a good size to use.

For this demo, I used a support cut from an old, clean, white cotton t-shirt.

Pastel Painting on “Canvas” (a panel cut from an old cotton t-shirt)

Pastel Painting using soft pastels and a milk-soaked canvas support

You will need a 9″x12″ tray (or other appropriate size) and approximately 1/2 cup of milk.


You can cut a support (canvas) using a t-shirt. See the example in the drawing below:soft-pastel-milk-painting_3

Soak the canvas / support in the milk for about 5 minutes. Squeeze.


Use an old towel or clean paper toweling to lay out your canvas/support, several soft pastels, and a damp cloth to wipe milk from the pastels after using. Be sure to clean the milk off the pastels after use.


Have fun drawing on the wet canvas/support with your soft pastels! The color will melt into the wet surface. When dry, the pastel painting will be ready to hang. Enjoy!



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